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Duchesse de Polignac by Marie Louise Elisabeth Vigee-Le Brun

Counted cross stitch chart or kit from the Scarlet Quince Fine Art 1701 to 1829 Collection.

Élisabeth-Louise Vigée-Le Brun (16 April 1755 - 30 March 1842) was a French painter, and is recognized as the most famous woman painter of the eighteenth century. Her style is generally considered Rococo and shows interest in the subject of neoclassical painting. Vigée-Le Brun cannot be considered a purely Neoclassist in that she creates mostly portraits in Neoclassical dress rather than the History painting. In her choice of colour and style while serving as the portrait painter to the Queen, Vigée-Le Brun is purely Rococo.

Yolande Martine Gabrielle de Polastron, Duchesse de Polignac (8 September 1749 – 9 December 1793) was a French duchess and the favourite of Marie Antoinette, whom she first met when she was presented at the Palace of Versailles in 1775, the year after Marie Antoinette became the Queen of France. She was considered one of the great beauties of pre-Revolutionary high society, but her extravagance and exclusivity earned her many enemies.

This piece is of a portrait of the Duchesse de Polignac, a close friend of Marie Antoinette's and the governess of her children. She is shown dressed simply in a white ruffled dress, black shawl, and a straw hat decked with flowers and a feather plume against a vague background. (Neoclassical, 1787).

Approx: 17" x 24" or 42 x 61cm - when worked on 18ct or 36ct.

You can also choose to have this design in kit form - list of DMC threads used.

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