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Foxes by Franz Marc

Cross stitch chart or kit from the Scarlet Quince Animals Fine Art Collection.

Franz Marc (February 8, 1880 – March 4, 1916) was one of the principal painters and printmakers of the German Expressionist movement. He was a founding member of "Der Blaue Reiter" ("The Blue Rider"), an almanac the name of which later became synonymous with the circle of artists collaborating in it.

This piece is a semi-cubist depiction of a swirl of red foxes. According to Marc, "Red is matter, brutal and heavy and always the colour to be opposed and overcome by the other two [blue and yellow]." (Expressionist, 1913)

Approx: 14" x 18" or 35 x 46 cm - when worked on 18 or 36ct.

You can also choose to have this design in kit form - list of DMC threads used.

There are more charts of the artwork of Franz Marc by Cross Stitch Collectibles.

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