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German Sampler by AED 1746

An historical design from The Scarlet Letter Sampler Collection.

A characteristically northern German sampler, this example from Hamburg consists of random symbolic spot motifs, with a unifying central scene and borders.

Religious symbols are commonly found on almost all continental samplers, and Adam and Eve in particular is often the principal motif on samplers from Protestant Northern Germany. Other religious symbols on this sampler include the Spies of Canaan with their cluster of grapes; the wreath carried by two crowned angels (the wreath and crown are both symbols for eternity); Christ and the Woman of Samaria at the well; the Free Maiden - a symbol for Liberty - holding up her scepter; the Garden of Eden with birds; the Lamb of God with banner; the eight-pointed Star of Bethlehem; the ship with anchor symbolising the soul's journey to a safe haven, the anchor signifying hope; the carnation, said to have grown up from the ground where each of Mary's tears fell along Christ's path to Calvary, symbolizing maternal love; the cock, a symbol of Christ, conqueror of darkness; the church and rectory on a hill; Jacob's struggle with the angel; and the birds with drowned heart representing divine love.

Origin and date: Northern Germany, 1746

Linen count/finished size: 35 count, 16-1/2"x14". Kit contains fabric, cotton or silk thread, needle and instructions.

Stitches: Cross, four-sided, satin

Source: The German Sampler Museum in Celle, Germany

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