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Clover Thread Cutter Pendant

Styled on an antique thread cutter, this thread cutting pendant can cut a variety of different threads. It consists of a sharp circular blade sandwiched between a zinc decorative pendant. The thread can be cut using any of the grooves around the pendant.

It is both elegant and useful, the Clover Pendant doubles not only as a beautiful neckpiece but also as a delicate thread cutter. It is one of Clover's most popular products, the pendant can cut a thread using any of the notches in the pendant perimeter. It can be set on top a thread spool or bobbin, or used as a beautiful pendant.

It is also safe to carry on an aeroplane in place of scissors but it is always best to check with your airline company.

This is a perfect gift for all kinds of sewers, especially those that keep misplacing their scissors.

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